Sewing and Sunday School…not together…

I’m very excited. I have a new friend who is going to help me search the web for Spanish Sunday School material! That means more easy to find resources for you too!  Also another friend has a flannel board with characters for stories. I had just been praying how I needed help putting together Sunday School material (the free kind). The Lord has now provided 3 ladies to help me out. YEAH!

Our little church is growing, we have a couple more families with little kids and I’m glad for the extra help. Today my husband set up several extra chairs and told a friend who was helping that we set-up these chairs and pray that more people will come. We’ve done this for several Sundays and today we filled up most of the chairs and we were missing two other families that normally come.  This was such a blessing. Our church is still a small fragile church but it is growing.

So now for some fun.  I did find some things of interest and while taking a break from a frustrating time of finding material I found some sewing favorites.

Sewing Totes…

Here’s two great links for FREE totes to sew…
Lazy Girl Make 2 Give Tote
and Baum Textiles has 3 sizes of totes and lots of quilting patterns for free

Sunday School Spanish helps

Bible maps

Bible Parent has verses on cards to print. They are listed by theme.  I find it easy to make my own but I thought they might be useful. The website is not very easy on the eyes but the cards are good.

Kids Sunday School has some free lessons and color pages, but if you really like it the registration is $36. (USA) per year  last time I checked.

E Bible Teacher has Bible Maps,Book of Romans, and personal growth in Spanish. All I looked at was the Bible maps.

On Mission Arlington there is lots of studies. This is a good site to look through.

This Next one, Danielle’s Place, is a fun one with crafts that go with the lessons.

This one is NOT in Spanish. Its just some fun crafts for kids to learn about Mexico. DLTK Kids is a really neat site for other English related crafts and school fun.

I sure hope these are helpful to you!

with Joy.


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